The World is going “Mobile”

Social Media has quite evolved since the pioneering days and this evolution never ending. From My Space, Orkut and Chat rooms; today we have Facebook, YouTube and is very important for the Marketer to know the current trends and anticipate future trends so that they can make effective business decisions. An important channel which … Read more

Good Privacy is Good Business

8521624548_3ed2dd3dcb_oData Collection is used in many different sectors of business to predict and discover trends in the market. Businesses Collect data and analyze the same to make better and more effective business decisions that helps them gain competitive advantage over its competitors. In today’s competitive world of business, businesses rely on personal information to identify and stay in touch with their customers. They use it to seek out new customers who might be interested in their products or services. Organisations want to know what the customers and their employees are looking out for. Respecting and protecting privacy is a key element of good customer relations. The following are a few rules that an organization may follow as the best guide to protect personal privacy in accessing data on customers, donors, friend and/or constituents they have collected on their social web platforms :-

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Social Intelligence Tools

In today’s world business, it is important to create community around your brand/organisation. Social media today is used by many organisations to promote and achieve organisational objectives.Thus it is important to monitor , identify and respond to consumer behavior. Keeping an eye on your competitors is also very important. Social Intelligence tool offers many ways to analyze and measure your engagement efforts and come up with an action plan to improve performance.

Here are a Few Social Intelligence tools :-

  1. Icono Square
  2. Topsy
  3. Social Baker

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Social Media Strategies used by Profit, Non Profit and Government Sectors – The Differences

With the growing popularity of social media, all profit and non-profit entities want a presence on various platform. A lot of Government organisations too are active on social platforms these days. The very reason they have a social media presence is to reach their objectives or goals. These goals and objectives will be different for Profit, Non Profit and Government organisations. Also the target audience is different and thus they will have to come up with different social media strategies to achieve their objectives.

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Memes And Memes Everywhere !

Nowadays our Facebook, twitter and Instagram walls are flooded with memes. Memes are an integral part of social media and are used to convey message effectively to a specific group of people.

What is a Meme?

A meme is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. A behaves like a flu or a cold virus, traveling from person to person quickly, but transmitting an idea instead of a lifeform. The concept of memes is either really deep, or really, really obvious  – Cecil Adams

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Having knowledge about photo compositions , one can make effective use of photographs or images to convey his message to the audience.  Today there are a lot of image editing apps that make a ordinary image an extraordinary one. Below are a few photo compostions tips and editing apps that can help you communicate with your audience for effectively :-

Leading lines:- Lines that lead your eyes from 1 point to another in an image are leading lines.

Fill the Frame :- Here , the primary subject of the image is to be seen . thus a closer angle shot is taken.

Rule of thirds
Rule of thirds

Framing :- Framing is used in photography to empazise in the main subject

Symmetry :- we all no the term, no definations are required i beleive.

Rule of thirds :-Main subject is on the X mark on the frame


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